How to connect or replace a water heater?

Water heater installation

Water heater installation Illinois

This is a very difficult process that requires specific knowledge. During the installation of the water heater, it is necessary to perform both plumbing and electrical work. Plumber is required to perform such work as: thoroughly and securely fasten the water heater to the wall on anchor bolts. These bolts can withstand more than 700 lbs of weight (we are talking about a storage water heater). After the storage water heater is fixed, we proceed to the step of packaging additional components, such as a pressure relief valve. It is installed to prevent damage to the internal tank (membrane), a pressure check valve is installed at the inlet of cold water into the storage tank. It is desirable that the valve be automatic, as the pressure will be released without physical force.
We give very important advice – the valve that comes with the water heater is recommended to be replaced with a better one.
Installation of a water heater is carried out mainly by one plumber. Most often, the installation of a water heater occurs in very uncomfortable and small-sized places, such as a plumbing niche, or special boxes. Installation of a water heater, as a rule, requires additional wiring of pipes for cold and hot water. Connecting a water heater can be done using any pipe and even flexible wiring. But most often the installation of a water heater is made by polypropylene pipes.

How to connect a water heater?

Directly connecting the water heater occurs after the completion of preparatory plumbing and electrical work:
1. Open the ball valve to supply cold water to the water heater.
2. Open the hot water ball valve from the water heater.
3. Open any involved mixer and bleed air from the water heater.
4. Supply electricity.
5. Test the system and joints for leakage.
6. Start the water heater and check the temperature of the heated water.
The water heater connection is completed.

Water heater replacement in IL

Replacing the water heater may be necessary if the water heater is broken or the amount of hot water is not enough for the bathroom. The causes of damage to the water heater can be different. The most common of these is the very bad and dirty water that is supplied to our home. Dirt and scale will destroy your water heater. In this case, the solution is simple – periodically flush the water heater under pressure.
If your water heater does not heat up, do not worry, you will not need to replace the water heater! It will be enough to replace the heating element. Replacing a water heater can also occur from the fact that you started a repair, and it no longer fits into the new design of the room.

How to install a water heater yourself?

Frequently asked questions – how to install a water heater with your own hands, how to connect a water heater with your own hands? We do not recommend this. You can cause significant harm to yourself and your home!