The faucet is one of the important elements of the design of the bathroom

Replacing water taps

Replacing water taps in illinois

The faucet is one of the important elements of the design of the bathroom, which clearly demonstrates the quality of your life. Mixers are designed to mix hot and cold water; they control the temperature and power of the water jet.

Mixers are distinguished by design, quality, shape, functional features, manufacturing company and other parameters.

Today, a person who started a bathroom renovation will not be easy, because an inexperienced consumer can simply get confused in the variety of choices. After all, there are many faucets, ranging from ordinary functional models to designer ones that can hardly be called plumbing – this is already art.

The faucet should not only be a decoration of the bathroom, but also well perform its immediate functions – to mix hot and cold water. No less important is the number of faucets in the bathroom. For a bathtub, a shower, a washbasin and a bidet, it is advisable to choose separate faucets, since the more functions the mixer performs, the worse the quality of its work. If the size of the bathroom is small, but there is no shower, then you can take one bath and shower faucet, and the other for the sink.

Installation of a water mixer

Before starting the installation of the mixer, it is necessary to install mechanical cleaning filters on the pipes for supplying hot and cold water (if they were not installed earlier). Filters are installed at the stage of dilution and installation of water pipes. They are screwed to the pipe – in front of the inlet of the flexible hose of the mixer or where the valves are located.

The mixer is installed above the mounting hole of the pedestal of the sink. It is fixed on a shelf using a compression nut and sealed with two metal washers and two rubber gaskets (bottom and top of the mounting hole).

The flexible hoses are lowered into the hole, after which they tighten the nut from below. When installing faucets for sinks, hoses are more often used. If the conclusions of the water pipes are not quite straight, then the hoses can be easily bent, while the pipe will need to be bent manually using special tools, which requires high professionalism of the plumber.

Rubber gaskets that are used in nuts for flexible hoses are recommended to be checked at least once every three years. The fact is that these gaskets wear out over time, and if the gasket is not replaced on time, it can “break the tap”. During installation, it should be borne in mind that all faucets are released with a decorative coating. To prevent damage to the coating, soft-lined tools should be used during operation.