Plumber - toilet repair

Plumber - toilet repair Illinois

Toilet repair in IL
Damage to the toilet can be of this type:  a violation of the integrity, a problem with the drainage system, leak in the drain.
Adjustment or replacement of tank parts is necessary in the following cases:
-water is not typed;
-low water level;
– the tank is filled without stopping, water overflows over the edge;
– after flushing, water continues to flow into the bowl;
-The flush button does not work.

Reconnect the toilet to the sewer in such cases:
– at the junction of the corrugation with the sewer pipe there are drops or sagging;
– corrugation is bent in several places, water is poorly washed off;
– corrugation or pipe cracked.
Replacing the toilet in Illinois
Dismantling and installing a new toilet bowl is necessary when there are cracks, chips on the bowl, or part of the structure has broken off. Replacement is carried out if the toilet is unstable, after flushing puddles or streaks appear.
Preparatory work
In order for the plumber to quickly remove the old toilet and prepare a place for a new one, correctly follow these steps:
– shut off the water supply to the tank or the whole apartment;
-Drain the water in the tank;
– Remove all objects that do not allow access to the toilet and sewer.

Installation of a toilet bowl from our company:
Preparing a place for installing the toilet: removing dirt, if the surface is uneven – additional filling.
Bowl installation and marking under brackets. Measurement of gaps from the walls, installation of corrugations.
Drilling holes for fasteners. Sealant is applied at the installation site so that there is an additional layer. The toilet “sits” on the sealant and is fixed with bolts.
Installation of a tank and drainage system, connection to a water supply system.
Tests for leaks, tank filling, drainage and water removal rate. We remove the remains of materials and garbage.